• Easy Love

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    You will never read this, and that is the way I intend it to be. But there are some things I have never shared with you that need to be said.

    Thank you for your laugh and compassion. The way you sang along to the radio off-tune in a way that made me want to join in despite my insecurities about my less than stellar voice. The way you kissed me at every stoplight “just because.” The way you made my heart soar for every minute of our five hour road trips.

    Thank you for your friendship and unending patience. For making mix CDs of all my favorite songs, placing a dozen roses on my car while I was in class, and for the way you embraced my quirky sense of humor. For breaking it down with me on the dance floor even when no one else wanted to leave their seats.

    Thank you for your gentleness. For the way you softly caressed my arm while we were watching a movie, the way you came up behind me to embrace me in a hug, and for the way you brushed my hair out of my face when we were in bed together.

    Thank you for your free spirit. For teaching me that there is more to life than plans, and that sometimes spontaneity truly is the best option. Thank you for helping me realize that the small things make more of a difference than I initially thought.

    Lastly, thank you for opening my heart. I was afraid to love before I met you – afraid that I was incapable of giving myself too entirely to another human being. I believed that I was unlovable, and I believed that I would never have the opportunity to experience the most powerful emotion in existence. Thank you for allowing me to realize that I never want to go another day without loving someone, because now that I have experienced how wonderful it feels, I never want to go without it again.

    Thank you for making love easy. Though you may not know it, I will always love you forever, because you were the first person who showed me that love is more than a word.

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