• Be Gone

    by  • July 13, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, The Ex • 0 Comments

    Leave me alone. What part of that do you find it nearly impossible to grasp? Did you not catch on to the signal I was trying to send through the glares and hand gestures? You knew what you were doing when you went to that game yesterday. I’m over you. I’m done with everything you’ve put me through. I’m done with it all.

    Looking back, I did so much for you, only for it to be throw by the wayside. I ditched my friends and parties on countless occasions just to be with you. Then when you broke up with me, you couldn’t even give me a mother fucking promise that you wouldn’t do shit with other girls. You even went as far to say that our personal life is forever separate. And you said you loved me? Ha! I could only hope you read this one day. No, Matt, I don’t need you. Say it, believe it, and preach it all you want. I have not ever, do not, and never will find you as a necessity in my life. I thought at one point that just maybe that was the case, but once again, you’ve showed me that I should’ve stayed the way I was before all of this; before all of you.

    Before you, I was the following:
    Under control
    Went out of my way for people
    Wasn’t a two-faced bitch

    Man, I could go on for hours. I need you like a fish needs a bicycle. I’ve TRIED keeping my cool with you blaming me for everything. I’ve TRIED putting up with your copious amounts of attempts to put me down every chance you get. I’ve TRIED to put forth effort for it all. But, I’m just flat out done. I don’t want to be your friend, and sure as hell not your bitch anymore. You don’t fucking control me. I’M NOT YOURS ANYMORE. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I hate you, because people like that are few and far between, but my once sweet taste for you has evolved into a sour, repugnant flavor that I wouldn’t waste fifteen seconds of chewing time on.

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