• you know who you are.

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    You haven’t been single for a long time, I understand that. And I know how much you loved him. Every time you talked about the butterflies he gave you, how he made you smile, how you’d park your car and love and love and love in the backseat, how you’d laugh together and watch the same movies over and over. I understand that those are things you’ll always share with him. Things you’ll never feel with him again. I understand why that makes you sad.

    But I can’t look at you anymore and see the life that was in your eyes – that sparkle, turn into a dull distant stare. I notice the mascara stains on both your favorite hoodie sleeve and your pillowcase.

    I get that maybe you’re sad he left you. But you will feel love again. With someone better. Someone who loves you too, someone who loves you longer. Someone who understands you, who doesn’t need you to ask for help before he offers it.

    A girl as honestly beautiful from head to toe as you are shouldn’t be crying so much. A girl as gorgeous and big hearted and unique as you are, should be wearing as confident a smile as she can.

    You are amazing, and you will find love again.

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    1. anon
      July 13, 2011 at 1:56 pm

      Thank you so much for writing this. Even though it’s not meant for me, I needed to hear it. I hope your friend finds happiness. I’m sure they deserve it.

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