• Love Advice… take it or leave it.

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    She fabricated a story to you about something I supposedly said and told me about it later.

    You can take your own love advice but if you are interested, here is my advice to both of you.

    She does tell me things that bothers her about you, and just by what I hear, I know she does not feel a soulmate connection with you. She wants to but also knows the feeling is just not there. I think you both want it to be; but you know deep down it’s not true.

    I think you both need to do what I did and quit looking for that kind of love in each other. Pure love doesn’t just happen, it is just there. Instead look for a true love, and if you find it, you will be amazed in how your heart transforms.

    I have been trying to find true love all my life, in my search I never expected to find my soulmate and to find pure love, it just happened. After I found it, I wanted, more than anything else, for my pure love and my true love to be the same person. But it was not to be.

    But I still longed for a true love. And once I quit looking for another to replace the pure love I wanted to feel, knowing I would never find it, I found true love. I know this is far from the pure love I felt with my soulmate, but it gets stronger everyday.

    So quit trying so hard and cherish what you have before its too late.

    I love you both… forever and always.

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