• i thought i moved on, but then you called.

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    it’s been months since we’ve spoken, and i was doing fine finally getting back on my feet. you only crossed my mind every once in a while…

    i thought i moved on, i thought i was ok, but then you called.

    We were supposed to be together forever, but forever wasn’t as long as it seemed.

    How can you tell me you love me, when every day you’re with her, every day you tell her you love her. You left me for another, and that’s the worst kind of pain.

    you’re trying to hold on to me, for WHAT!?

    you don’t love me because your actions speak louder than the words that seep from your mouth.

    i love you so much but i hate you at the same time.

    I wanna kiss you, but i wanna hit.

    I’m torn, I don’t know what to do anymore. i swore i’d never turn my back on you. but this is getting ridiculous. my heart hurts for you but i can’t take the pain anymore.

    I don’t wanna cry. I wanna be happy.

    you can’t call me anymore, I don’t wanna hear from you.

    Maybe down the road we can be friends but now i can’t do this because i still love you. I don’t just want a piece of your heart, i want the whole thing. I DESERVE it.

    PLEASE DON’T call me anymore

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