• Forever Ended Quickly.

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    Where can I even start? Well, let’s start about one year ago. I met you, and you were the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Yeah, you were timid, but I guess you’d also never been in a serious relationship before (that should have been a bit of foreshadowing). We started dating, and everything was perfect. We were so comfortable with each other, and we told each other everything. You were the first guy I’d ever gotten physical with, and vice versa for you.

    About 5 months into our relationship, you said you would “love me forever”. I was terrified when you said this, because who can promise something will last forever? No one, but I ended up being so caught up in your love that I believed it. I. Believed. It. I never should have. But I said it back, meaning I may have lied too- I don’t know if I love you now, and this definitely isn’t the end of forever. My life is just beginning.

    So for 10 long months, I was in the best relationship I’ve ever been in- also the first real one, but I didn’t acknowledge that at the time. You made me so happy, and I made you happy too… At least, that’s what you said. Apparently you lied?

    The last month of our relationship, everything sucked. We fought so much, and I cried all the time. I should have seen right then and there that we were nearing the end, but I tried to fix things. I didn’t try my hardest, I can see that now. But at the time, I thought I was.

    We ended up taking a break two days before our eleven month anniversary, and three days before my prom. You still went with me, but it sucked. You ignored me. Thanks, dear.

    Anyway. Prom. Yeah, it sucked. We ended up breaking up at it. The next few weeks after that were the worst I’ve ever experienced.

    You changed. You’ve been drunk for 13 days in a row (probably more now), and honestly, I’m concerned. You treat me like crap, so guess whose number is out of my phone? You “mack bittys” at every chance you get. You’re rude to my friends. You make fun of me. What happened to the sweet guy who would do anything for me, and thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world? Got caught inside himself, I guess.

    But you know what? Even after all that, and after all the shit you put me through that I didn’t write here, you STILL managed to hurt me more just yesterday. You said something that hurt more than anything else you’ve done to me, and now, I’m over you, so thanks for saying it. What did he say?

    “I wish I had never gotten into a relationship.”

    HARSH, EH? So I’m done. I don’t want you back, because I can do better. You are obviously in a terrible place, and I don’t want someone who claims to regret the longest relationship in his life. Obviously he isn’t mature enough, so screw him!

    You were happy, and you loved me. How can you regret that?

    I suppose you didn’t learn like I did. I’m the one feeling better than ever, and you’re drinking your life away- and you’re only 17. Too bad for you, asshole.


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