• Escape

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    I know you will never understand why I cut you out of my life, I know you miss me, and I know things could have been different. But I also know that you don’t WANT to understand, I know you don’t miss me enough or love me enough to do anything to change the way things stand, and I know that the only way things could be different would be if I had stayed a child so you would never “lose” me.

    I know you panicked, I know you held on as tight as you could, and I know you pushed every button that worked before to keep me close. I also know you didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t contemplate change, I know you didn’t count on me disconnecting those buttons, and I know you didn’t realize that by holding me so tight I would panic and do everything I could to escape your smothering hold on me.

    In your fear and panic of losing me, you did everything wrong and you lost me.

    I wish I wasn’t the only one capable or willing to change. Until there is more than one of us, things won’t change.

    A Separate Entity

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