• A Little About Me

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    This is just a list of things about myself that most people I know don’t know about me. It’s just that a lot of people don’t take the time to really get to know the people around them and I just wanted to say some of the things you might not expect from someone like me.

    I like playing Call of Duty.
    My favourite movies are kid movies.
    My current favourite is How to Train Your Dragon.
    I spell things the Canadian way, most times.
    I do say, eh. A lot.
    My favourite colour is orange.
    I like the outdoors.
    After I know you for a while, I’m not so quiet.
    I don’t hate anyone, only strongly dislike.
    I like drawing, and not to sound arrogant, I’m not that bad.
    Grammar isn’t one of my better subjects.
    I like Physics.
    I taught my self how to a lot of things.
    Many of them, I’ve taught myself wrong.
    I’m stubborn.
    I don’t like pop.
    Except for Jones soda, which is funny because my last name is Jones.
    I like taking the long way home.
    I think of myself as independent, but when I know that I have people to rely on I’m happier.
    I play Jak and Dexter.
    And Sly Copper.
    I’ve actually been asked out a lot, though I’ve only accepted a few.
    I give someone a chance until they break my trust, then it’s hard to gain it back.
    I don’t like having a clingy boyfriend.
    I’m afraid of thunder.
    My sister is my best friend.
    I need at least two cups of coffee to wake up in the morning.
    I can cook quite well.
    I don’t need fancy clothes, although every now and then I get some.
    I wish I grew up in my mother’s time.
    I don’t like ketchup.
    I like vintage clothing.
    I work in a hardware store, and know nothing about hardware.
    I like Pokemon.
    I pre-ordered Pokemon black.
    I have a fourteen year old dog.
    I like making people smile.
    I also like arguing.
    I’d be screwed if I didn’t have spell check.
    I like acting.
    I’m a nerd.

    – R.

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    1. Lindsey
      July 13, 2011 at 8:48 am

      We are almost the same person! I read this and it sounded like I could have written it 🙂

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