• A Letter To Hide Regret

    by  • July 12, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, The Ex • 2 Comments

    Dear Greg,

    I haven’t seen you in months and I will probably never see you again. The last time I talked to you I told you I didn’t care.

    Well, I lied.

    During our whole relationship I never was able to show how I truly felt about you. I put you off. You often came last to me. I’d ditch you to hang out with my so called friends. You were right about them BTW. They didn’t care for me at all.
    If I had only understood how much you truly meant to me I’d probably be talking to you right now.

    So I know you have trust issues and whatnot, but when you had shared your doubts on my faithfullness it really did hurt. I was angery. I felt you were totally against me. When I get mad I lash out. Which I’m still trying to work on… But I felt that since you had already accused me of cheating well, why not really do it? Those guys meant nothing to me but a way to release my frustrations.

    When I talked to you after all that I had planned to break up with you. There was no way we could be together after everything, but then guilt set it. Somehow you still wanted me. Somehow deep in your heart you were able to start to forgiving me. I still haven’t forgiven myself for hurting you like that.

    But then things changed for the worse. I guess when you talked to your friends about what I had done they caused you to change your mind. You changed into a whole diffrent person. A horrible person actually. I didn’t hate you, I just hated the person you become. Maybe I had part in that change, but I truly couldn’t stand you. Your heart had turned black.
    The things you had said to me, and about me, I took to heart. I would cry through the late night phone calls only in hope that it would end soon.

    When my parents got involved everything got even worse. Maybe it was for the best though. Thinking back on it we would not have worked things out effectively.

    Breaking up with you was the worst thing in the world. At night I would wish just to hear your voice.

    But then I saw you at church and the glare you gave me shattered the small hope I had left.

    I had thought we were meant to be, a match made in heaven! For a while I felt stupid for thinking that. But recently I realized I wasn’t wrong. I believe maybe we were meant to be together, but only for a short time. To teach each other about disappointment, letting go, faithfullness, affection.

    Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I hope you are truly living to the fullest. Because the last time I talked to you I told you I didn’t care.

    Well, I lied.

    With love,
    Your Skanky Ex

    2 Responses to A Letter To Hide Regret

    1. Anonymous
      July 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm

      This is a great letter. It sounds like you learned your lessons and even if you dont get him back, why not send him this letter? Closure and peacemaking feels so much better than hurt that could be healed with a little explanation.

    2. Hojo
      July 16, 2011 at 5:08 pm

      Well thanks, I just spilled my heart out. And there’s a reason why this is a letter I’ll never send, he hates me more then anything. Contacting him again probably wouldn’t end well.

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