• Toga to tears.

    by  • July 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Resentment • 0 Comments

    I honestly still can’t believe we met at a toga party. Of all places. I’d seen you around campus plenty and thought you looked just like my type: tall, cute face, protecting. I sometimes wonder how you could come back to my room like that when I was wasted and you were sober. I guess I looked past it all because I had gotten the guy I’d wanted and a lot happened and I was just going to feel good about the situation. Quite honestly, I think you were afraid. But regardless you ended things as soon as they started. The fact we spent almost everyday together got me attached, and I was pretty sure I was falling for you. I’ve never felt for anyone what I felt for you. You were shrewd and cruel to me. I don’t believe you wanted to be just friends, and you lied obviously because you cut me out of your life. I spent all of last summer basically heartbroken, and even struggled this year. Every time I see you, you are the one to glare at me… how is that fair? How is it that you can treat me so horribly after taking advantage of me, leading me on with a relationship, and then tossing me like I have no worth. It’s funny because I’m popular, have lots of friends, and am very respected – its not like this is just a trend of mine so just about everyone was surprised at how poorly the situation was handled. A lot of people have lost respect for you whether they make it obvious or not after I told them what happened and I’m sure you have your own story to counter. I want you to be miserable. I mean, getting kicked out of your major that’s just embarrassing but I want you to be heartbroken. I want you to feel what I feel every time I looked at you those first couple months.

    Also, the fact that you’re friends with the one girl I hate more than anything, that’s probably the shittiest thing you could’ve done…but unlike you who basically didn’t do anything, I’m gonna pick up the pieces and let go instead of constantly finding ways of hurting you like you do to me.

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