• Thinking of you…

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    Dear you,

    I’m not entirely sure what it is about you that makes me crazy about you. I don’t generally have a 23 hour day for just anyone or drive 4+ hours to go to the beach with you when I live 6 blocks from it and can go any day of the week. You’re a very smart, pretty, and talented girl; a rare combination these days.

    But there’s just one problem. You scare me. Don’t get me wrong, its not a physical scare; its not like I am scared of YOU, its more of I’m scared that I will do something, say something, or imply something that wasn’t meant to be implied and screw things up with you. You scare me in the sense that as much as I really want to take the risk and tell you and ask you out, but I’m honestly terrified of what you will say.

    When we had our all day trip last year, you will never know how much fun I had just being with someone I cared so much about. I had been looking forward to that trip ever since we made plans for it. And yes, I did like you even back then. It was unfortunate that only a few short days before someone had beat me to the punch and asked you out. But like any good friend, I was happy to see you happy even though it hurt underneath this outer shell.

    Last, when we went to the beach, I tried so hard to be able to look good without a shirt on so that I may impress you only to have life, school, and other activities get in the way. It was very unfortunate, but as much as it sucked, I realized that that’s life and took my punches and rolled with it like I most often do.

    Now, I come home in a few short weeks and we are trying to get together again, only this time its up to me to make a plan for what we should do and to be frank, I’m scared. I’m scared that what I will eventually come up with will back fire or something will come up and I will be out of luck again. I really want to impress you enough this time so that maybe I have a chance with such a pretty girl such as yourself. But my other fear is that I will be so scared of what you will say that I wont be able to form the words to even ask. So even if everything fails miserably and I don’t remark on it, please know that I care greatly about you, that I like you enough to do all kinds of things for and I miss you an awful lot; I’m just scared.

    Yours Truly,


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