• Sister Code

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    Dear Little Sister,

    Why do you know my weaknesses and insecurities so well? Why do you use the precious sister code to manipulate me for your own sick satisfaction? This is rather embarrassing to say, being the older sister after all. I lie for you, I’ve stolen for you, I’ve cheated for you, I’ve done countless things for you. Why? Because I’m your sister, and it’s what sisters do for each other. But you? You leave the house to go out to god knows where, with who knows who, doing god knows what. You ask me to drive you places because you can’t find your car keys, without telling me that I need to pick up your 3 other ‘friends’ to go to the train station, to a destination that you won’t disclose to me. I don’t judge, I trust that you have decent judgement to keep out of trouble. I let you make a fool of me because I know you’re insecure with yourself. I let you cut my hair in strange styles so you can have some harmless fun, while I walk around college looking ridiculous. When you broke the sliding door window when you had friends over for drinking, I took the blame. When you don’t do your chores around the house, I do them before Dad comes home, so you don’t get yelled at, even though I have 3 finals to study for. I didn’t tell Dad you had been doing pot, acid, LSD, or ecstasy, because I didn’t want to break your trust. I don’t complain when you take my allowance for some extra gas so you can hang out with your boyfriend.

    I’ve had enough.

    Dad knows you’re doing drugs, been stealing, have drug dealers looking for you, sneaking out of the house, the tattoo he told said no to, your drinking, and the constant partying. He hasn’t done anything about it. Why? Because you’ve become so unstable that he’s afraid you’ll run away. He yells at me about your poor habits instead of confronting you.

    After all of that has happened, I’ve become very angry with you. The last straw was when on a dare with your friend who is visiting you from PA, you shaved my head. The head of hair I had spent weeks styling it just the way I wanted. Gone. Now I look like a man…

    Dear little sister,

    You’ve broken the sister code. And you’ve broken my trust. I hope that you die alone, cold, and hungry. You don’t deserve the sister that has sacrificed so much for you, without asking for anything in return. I can’t sleep thanks to you. You’ve ruined things for me for the last time. If I could commit a murder without feeling guilty, you would be my target. Even over that abusive boyfriend I had, which might I mention you set me up with. You’re apologies mean nothing, and so do you. You’re not my sister, don’t ever speak, or look at me as an equal again.

    Hate You,
    Older Sister

    P.S. Don’t come crawling back to me when you’re life has been reduced to ruins, because I warned you.

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