• Secrets about me you’ll never know

    by  • July 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 4 Comments

    These are all coming from my experience in having with my girlfriend….

    1.) I hate that you talk to other guys constantly. I act like it doesnt bother me, but it does. A lot. No guy enjoys that.

    2.) I believe if you really love me and only me you wont talk to those guys and tell them how much you love them and how special they are to you. Especially when you hardly tell me that.

    3.) When you tell me stories about a guy you’re talking to and its about how much he makes you happy or how mad he gets you, it pisses me off. So please dont do it.

    4.) You and everyone else might think im handsome, but im not secure with myself. So you talking to all these suys i know are better then me isnt helping.

    5.) I REALLY wish you would tell me how much you love me everyday.

    6.) I don’t get how you can talk to all these guys, but when i talk to a girl who has known me forever and is one of my best friends you get all mad. It doesn’t make sense.

    7.) When i get mad when we fight, i’m not giving up on you. I’m biting my tongue trying not to say something i’ll regret.

    8.) I hate that you get mad when i do what i enjoy because we don’t talk.

    9.) You always say what i do wrong and what you wished i would do. Cant you tell me the things you love about me.

    10.) When i tell you i love you and you’re gorgeous. i mean it.

    11.) I hate that when i tell you something cute to get you to smile you immediately wait for us to fight or you think i did somethign wrong.

    12.) Sometimes i wonder if you really love me as much as you say you do.

    13.) Once again, telling guys you love them and talking to them more than me hurts me. A lot. I wish you would ask if it bothers me, because i’d answer honestly.

    14.) I dont want you to stop talking to your guys friends, just dont tell them how much you love them and tell them everything about them you love when you rarely tell me.

    15.) I feel like i have to be superman around you because of all those other guys.

    16.) I love you unconditionally and i always will.

    17.) I hope you really do love me too.

    4 Responses to Secrets about me you’ll never know

    1. Kelsey
      July 11, 2011 at 8:44 pm

      this is adorable, and eye opening from a girls perspective. sounds like you’re a great guy

    2. kyle P.
      July 12, 2011 at 9:37 am

      I know how you feel. i’ve been there and done that. i hope your turns out well. She was the same way and didn’t understand when i talked to her. but listen. not all girls are the same. she might listen to you and take it to heart. The only way you’ll know and the only way to change it is to talk with her. all you can do is try.

      Just Another Guy

    3. h.r.i.
      July 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      this sounds….like it would be the guy i am missing.if only.

    4. A
      July 14, 2011 at 2:28 pm

      This is for you:


      Your time will come, brother. Stay strong!

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