• Our First Morning

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    I can still remember the way you looked when we spent our first night together. You had somehow managed to put your boxers on, and though they were backwards I still smiled, because the act was so you. Your hair was mussed, your mouth was wide open, drool hanging off your face and all, and you were sprawled out while I only took the very edge of the bed. Unlike most girls, I didn’t mind it at all. Just to see you, so boyish and young, was a nice change from the tough front you put on in front of me.

    We had just gotten into a fight a few hours before, it got to the point that I saw you cry for the first time. The tears on your face only made me love you more. It proved to me you would fight for me. Even when we laid out of the deck and you held me in your arms, crying into my hair, I felt more love for you than I ever had before.

    I love you babe, more than anything in the world. I will always take you with me, everywhere I go, no matter where I go. Maybe sometime we can have our own adventure, where no one will disturb us and we can finally experience the beauty of the world together.

    -Your Love

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