• No regrets

    by  • July 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I never intended to hurt you. that wasn’t my plan all along. i don’t hate you, i could never hate you. you were the one that told me not to hate. in fact i love you, actually. you were my first everything and the one person i could always trust. and not to sound corny, but somehow when we were together everything felt so right. even when it was wrong. and that was the problem, things were wrong. not us particularly, but the things we did. we let our guards down, we let this secular world make up our minds. regrets? no. i only wish we could’ve slowed things down a little. because the one thing i’ve learned from this all is that once you get physically close, that’s when you’ll feel the closest. and when you don’t? well i guess you’ll grow apart… but friends, even though thats a horrible thing to say after a breakup. i think..*know, that’s what we need. because i miss the days we used to spend laughing, making jokes, the small talk. everyday we spent as friends you kept me wanting more. i knew you had more to give, so did i. but maybe we just gave it all away too soon.? i’m not sure, the only thing i’m sure of is that this doesn’t have to be complicated. will it be so hard at times? uhm well yes, duh. everytime i hear a song we used to listen to together or the shows we would watch, maybe even the places we would go…they’ll remind me of you. but i’ll smile, and hopefully you can do the same eventually. i loved you, i really did. i still love you, i always will. lovelovelove. we were just too young to fall in love.

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