• Mistake?

    by  • July 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    Do you know you are hurting me? You keep bring her up, and you are starting to make me believe I have made a mistake. You used to love her known her since 7th grade and dated her for over a year. I know she broke your heart badly event though you will not tell me about your past relationships. You would be surprised some of the things I know about the two you.

    Then you meet this other girl who you pushed all those feelings on hoping she would love you. Instead she played you and I could see you being broken. Stupid me had came around and started to flirt with you. Here we are 8 months in a relationship and I do not trust you. You mumble your 1 year girlfriend name in your sleep once, it bothers me to this day. I truly don’t believe you are over her. One day she might come around and beg you back, will you take her up on the offer and leave me? I wish she would.

    You are blind you know that? You do not realize I do not trust you. The only trust you have from is the trust to hurt me. As the days go by I wait for you to break my broken heart more.

    I’m lost and confused you are way to caught up in your world to notice that the women you claim you love is falling part right in front of you, if you do you don’t care…

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