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    Dear you,

    yes you, you know who you are out there.

    I have always been there for you, i am the friend that does everything for you and i always drop anything for you. i can’t tell you many things because it upsets you. you treat me different than all your friends, you take me for granted. i hate how much i love you i truly wish i didn’t love you that much because you don’t love me the amount i love you and probably never will which hurts so much. i guess the saying you expect a person love you or do anything for you because that is the way you would treat them is true. broken promises or forgetfulness hurts. i guess ppl are blind these days, i don’t care/value/love the people who care so much about them but they choose the person who gives no shit about you as your “best friend”, i get calls and texts at all hours of the day that the person who is your friend blah doing this not appreciating me, i am the only one there to listen because i never complain when/ what you talk to me about because ill just glad you talk to me. it is hard to ask for ccvhahzchx. im tired of getting hurt and crying/ thinking of you when you don’t even care or never there for me as i am always there for you. my main problem is that my heart is too full of love and it keeps on giving until there will be no love left for me. when will it be my turn for someone to thing as me as there world and not as a doormat unless no good. i wish i could die so i don’t have to deal with this i know no one will even cry for me why would anyone cry i will always be taken granted for because i fit the profile. i wish i could wake up and live a different live one where i have people there for me. I have a feeling that i will never will i have true friends that care about me or ever really find love because i guess some ppl aren’t meant to have that. i am very good at hiding my pain well to be honest no one all my life has ever asked me if im ok what do you want me to do for you. all i want is to be truly appreciated by you because i really love you with all my heart more than i thought i would ever love someone and you changed my life forever like i have had amazing times but i guess along the way you figured out that i will always be there for you and that you mean the world to me as so you take me for granted but i don’t know how to tell you this or how i feel, i always let things go but it hurts, i will trusted ppl before in my life i started to trust you but i wish i dont know, i wonder if all the letters you wrote to me telling me that im a big part of your life now and i mean the world to you more than ill ever know is true maybe they were just words. actions, go out the way for others speak louder than words, my mind is so confused and hurt but what can i do?? there is always excuses what can i say. i keep all my pain and hurt inside no one know what i feel i guess its true what do people hide behind a smile? FEAR! i am tired of life in general, i dont care anymore, i guess the only thing i keep on doing is love you and be there for you and hopefully one day not too late when im gone you’ll realize what i am to you and that you will NEVER EVER find a friend like me because no one would put up the things you have made me go through. I hope we remain life friends and that you stop taking the people you love for granted and not ignore them and realize that they are human too and they need someone there for them too and just the other party doing everything. but you are truly an amazing person and i know you have no clue because if you did i know you would stop taking me for granted but i hope you open you eyes because i’m too afraid to tell you this in the risk of losing you.

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