• it sucks to be taken advantage of.

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    you have no idea how hard it is to watch you with all those other girls. and i know you’re still gonna be with them, even though you still say you love ME. well tell me know where is it? cause i don’t see it.. i wanna get over you. i deleted your number from my phone, but i still remember you. i don’t wanna text you, but i do. i don’t wanna love you, but i do. you tell me you don’t trust me, but i trust you. and you lie. i let you get away with it. our situation is bad. really bad. just because i’m not in nyc doesn’t mean that you can forget about me, or treat me like your second. you told me we’d make this work. i try talking to you, but it never works. you don’t wanna talk, you can never keep the conversation up. and when you do…guess what happens? ..you stop replying. you have no idea how much it kills me inside. i make up conversations in my head that i wished we had on a normal basis. i don’t know about you, but i was willing to give up everything to be with you again. but now…now that you’re going on to your millionth gf after me, fuck you. i hate you right now. you don’t know how much time and tears i’ve wasted on you. i love you david, but apparently you don’t feel the same. i thought it was different with us. but it’s not. i’m just another toy for you. so i’m letting go. i wanna get you out of my life. but you know what the sadder part is; i know i’m gonna talk to you sooner or later and believe you when you say that you love me. i’m gonna be happy for just a little while longer and then you’re gonna go it again. and i’m gonna die, for the millionth time in my life since you’ve entered it. YOU have made me cry soo much more than i ever did in my life before you showed up. i’ll admit it, you were the cause of my happiness, and i still am happy when i text you. but you’ve also caused me pain. so much pain. that i know, deep down; i’ll never forgive you.

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