• I Wish You Would See

    by  • July 11, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I’ve done this twice before, this will be the third,
    I’ll love you now until forever, I give you my word,
    You mean so much to me, you don’t know how much I’m gonna miss you,
    My love for you burns strong, and even though I never got to kiss you,
    I still cared for you more than anyone you know,
    Don’t believe its true, I’ll do anything to show,
    How much I care, unrequited detovition,
    I hate that you can evoke, my strongest emotion,
    Loves the worst cuz its strong, and you never wanna quit it,
    You’re in love too, neither of us get it,
    But I’ll be happy knowing I did the best that I could,
    You did it, congrats, we all knew you would,
    I hope that with me there, you’re life was a bit better,
    I’ll always keep contact, I’ll write you a letter,
    Writing this kills me, its like accepting the end,
    No longer can I see you, chill with my friend,
    I cried when I wrote this, more than ever before,
    Contemplating the reality that I’ll see you no more,
    I wish we could’ve spent more time together, but now that its done,
    I wish you the best, and I hope you have fun,
    But be careful of love, cuz you fell in a trap,
    You’ve got concerns from friends all over the map,
    Cuz sabrina is dope, but repeatedly fucks you over,
    Then you run to her arms like were playing red rover,
    But I’ll always forgive you, just wish you could see,
    You would’ve been so much happier if you spent that time with me,
    When was the last time I made you depressed, fill up with sorrow,
    Punch a window or wall, wish there was no tommorow,
    Cuz I’ve done all that I can, to make you feel good,
    If one truely loves you, I think that they should,
    Always be there for you, and do all they can do,
    But I know where your at, I felt the same about you,
    Knowing you won’t get the full love back, give it all in the hope,
    That one day it’ll come back, but the answer is nope,
    You may say how I feel is different cuz we never made love,
    But really its not, cuz when push comes to shove,
    I’ve known you for longer, that’s more time to love you,
    I’ve said it before, I’ll put no one above you,
    Like she did carissa, are they still going out?
    Of course she still loves you, that’s without a doubt,
    I’m sorry I keep bringing her up, I just miss you sooo much,
    Just talking to you, the feel of your touch,
    I feel like she stole, time we could’ve had,
    This was meant to be happy its turning out kindof sad,
    So I’ll forget the time missed, cherish our time together,
    Though you already know, I promise I’ll love you forever,
    It’s your birthday today, I so wish I was there,
    But I don’t need a special day to tell you how much I care,
    I only have 6 days left in town before I’m gone to cal poly,
    If you spend them with me I’ll be in ecstasy like molly,
    I don’t know how much I’ve written, this is straight up word vomit,
    But its helped me clean up my head like an emotional comet,
    I know what you wish at that time, sometimes I also utter a plea,
    That you’ll realize you fucked up, and come back to me,
    But a wish is a wish, they never come true,
    Just promise you’ll remember, I’ll always love you,
    And if your in need, I’ll always be here,
    There for you always, no matter how near.

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