• Heart breaker

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    I loved you since January 24, 2007. I gave you my heart and soul. To say the least I would have gave my life for you. I took everything you threw at me, and i dealt with it my own way. I stayed up all night waiting on your phone calls, I waited around for 4 long years for you to straighten up. But you never did, we kept breaking up and making up. What else could i do? I couldn’t change you and i still can’t. I was finished trying to make you care about me. I wanted you to act like a man not a child. But you refused to.

    __Hell i gave you my virginity! And u broke my f^cking heart a week later! How would u feel if the draft came back into action then i waited for u to go overseas then dumped you? You would have killed yourself. You made fun of me in front of your friends, and made jokes about what i use to do.

    ~ You tore me down so bad, i turned to drugs, and alcohol to fix my broken heart. For 2 VERY long years, i did nothing but pop pills and drink every single day, because i thought maybe i wasnt skinny enough or maybe i couldnt drink enough for u to be with me.

    Then one day i woke up and realized that i was DONE. That i couldn’t do it anymore. And i told u it was over. I started dating other people. . .Every single time i dated someone you magically wanted me back. Why? I’ll tell you why. It was because u wanted what you knew you COULDN’T have. How ludicrous is that??? Well I found someone who helped me clean up, and who helps me to be myself. I can act like a complete idiot with him, and he doesn’t make fun of me, and doesn’t do half the shit u did to me.

    I really wish i could go back in time and told u no when you asked me to be your old lady. You made me feel inferior to you. You made me feel insignificant. And you told EVERYONE i was a whore and i broke your fucking heart. Well guess what?! I didn’t i finally stood up for myself, and told u to go to hell. Thats all i had left to say to you. Thats the only thing i could do. Was to give up and stop trying to fix something that was COMPLETELY unfix-able.

    ~*Sometimes its better to leave the mirror broken, then to cut your hands trying to fix it*~

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