• Baby Steps

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    I need to make steps towards liking myself more, and I got an idea from one of my friends about how I could make this possible: “what I do is take an objective look at all of my accomplishment,” she said, and I am going to do that now, for all of you to see. Here goes nothing:

    I’m funny
    I’m open-minded, yet very opinionated (some may say that you can’t be both, but I know that others have different opinions than me, and I respect their opinions, it’s just not that easy for me to change my mind.)
    I give everybody a chance, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, looks in general, or past.
    I try not to complain too much in order to not bother my friends
    I was in choir for 5 years in middle/high school
    I had a horrible childhood, and horrible parents, but I vow to never do drugs, become an alcoholic, rape anybody, just because that’s what they did. Also, I’m not going to let my past stop me from achieving my every dream
    I was more of a mother to myself than my own mother was, now being a very independent and strong woman.
    I was a two year member of the National Honors Society, and got the little blue sash thingy when I graduated.
    More often than not, college students drop out of college after their first year, and although I have experienced every bad thing about college in my first year (everything from an unbearable job to an abortion) I’m still going strong, I’m going to be here for more time than I had anticipated, but I’m not giving up!
    I work 2 jobs at any one time, both physically intense jobs, both requiring me to get up early and go to bed late while being a full time student
    I’m a good person, on the inside. some may not see it, but I really am. I have a lot of passion for what I do, and a lot of love for what I am going to do. I’m working towards loving myself. And don’t think that just because I don’t love myself means that I hate myself. that’s not it either, I don’t like myself, but there is no hate that I have for myself either. like I told my friend that I mentioned before “myself and I are just not on speaking terms.”

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