• wishes for a friend

    by  • July 10, 2011 • Wish • 0 Comments

    dear best friend,
    it kills me inside that i can’t say this to your face, but every time i try you scream at me. it hurts that i can’t even write you without you making me the bad guy. i wish i could take back that night. i wish i could steal away your hurt and lock it away. i wish you’d stop running. i wish you’d stop hiding. but wishes get me nowhere do they. that night we spoke to you in your sleep, fearing you’d be upset otherwise, wishing for you to be happy. praying to God to heal your heart. but instead of being glad we dealt with your bullshit for so long you scream and yell at us accusing us of being bitches and whores because you were too coward to own up to your problems. you think you have problems because your parents are divorced but you never think that they might be happier apart. your mother left but she comes back at least your father hasn’t told you’re expendable. at least you’re not the black sheep no matter what you do. at least you have real friends who don’t throw every secret and insecurity back in your face when you’re upset. you don’t know what it’s like to never be able to trust someone. to always to fear judgment, when you offer none yourself. at least you have friends who would die for you instead of ones who put them in a position to die. at least your best friend never said you’re a horrible person when you’ve done nothing but give love without expectations for receiving any back. so i wish you the best. i wish you blessings and happiness beyond measure. but most of all i wish you love. not the kind you get but the kind you give unconditionally.

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