• To My Insecurities

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    To my insecurities,

    Wow, where do I begin? You should know that because of you, I look in the mirror and often hate what I see. I feel worthless and unimportant because I let people walk all over me, and my kindness and personality are simply just invisible to those around me. I’m afraid to love because I’m afraid I am not good enough for him. I push myself to hard because I hate feeling rejected. I allow my friends to tease me and put me down because hell, maybe what they say is true. But you know what? Enough is enough. I’m only human. My flaws make me who I am, and its time I embrace that about myself. So to the pushover girl, who is always 2nd best, this is what I have to say: enough is enough. You are beautiful the way you are, you’ve accomplished so much, and your friends actually look up to you for your kindness, sense of humor, and laid back personality. And one day, he will be there, with open arms and an open heart, asking you to love him for him, because he loves you for everything that you are. So farewell to you my insecurities, it’s time I love myself.

    – J

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