• rybear. part two.

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    I’ve got my heart set on you, my heart is burning red, all of my words come out wrong, run circles in my head, you had me and i melted, in the palm of your hand, you know it yes i felt it, you’ll never understand. He Is We is right. what i would do to be back in your arms though. i’m glad we did last night. even though i don’t know if it was the greatest idea at first, it turned out really well. i told you what i wanted you to know for months. i told you i was scared of getting hurt again. and you held me. it was different than before. better. i love you. i won’t tell you that. but i do. i love you. i shouldn’t. but i do. alot. i love the way you play with my hair. the way you kiss me. the way you tickle my back and my stomach. we had a really great time last night. we were really close. but i don’t like texting you. i like when you’re here. i love when you laugh. i love when we’re kissing and you break into a smile, something you didn’t do before last night. i love when you put your hand on my neck. i love when you kiss me goodnight. when you lay with me and just hold me. i love when we’re together. because i love you. i want you to love me. because i’ve got my eyes set on you, my heart is burning red. but all your words come out wrong, and they run circles in my head. you have me and i’m melting, in the palm of your hand. you know it. you felt it, i felt it. but now you’re being weird. and i don’t understand. this isn’t what it was supposed to be like. when i asked you “what happens when you leave?” you said you’d text me..and we’d hangout more. and your texts involve the word “yeah” and “byee” no smileys. not anything sweet and nice. how could i be such a fricken idiot? thanks.

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    1. RachelO
      July 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm

      Men…. :/

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