• My last letter to you, maybe.

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    Although I swore I would never waste another letter on you, I need to once in a while. Today my friend asked me what I would say to you if I saw you right then.

    I’d say:
    Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me how you are. How you’ve been. Don’t tell me why you ran away like a child. I don’t want to hear it–any of it. This is all I want: I want you to know that you made my life better while you were in it. I want you to know that I loved you with everything I had and that it all disappeared when you did. You broke my heart and I am forever changed. But it’s good that you left; right? Well, since then I am too broken and vulnerable to trust anyone now. I’m scared of falling in love and having sex only to be left when I have opened my heart completely. Thanks to you I never believe in the promise, “No matter what, I’ll be here.”
    I loved you and you broke me and let me down.

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