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    Hey, it’s me. I can’t believe we’ve known eachother for 12 years. I can’t believe i fell for you. I can’t believe i missed my chance.
    Your amazing. Ive always thoughtt that about you. You will always mean something to me, no matter what.
    Everytime we talk, i fall for you a little harder, everytime i see you smile, i cant help but smile too, everytime i hear your name, i get butterflies. I just cant help myself…
    Last year, when we got close again, i started to like you, i mean how could i not? We talked all day everyday. You gave me those cute hugs from behind. You flirted, i flirted. I guess it didnt mean as much to you as it did to me. But just like that, everything stopped. |:
    Eighth grade comes around, we start talking again, not like we used to but we were at least talking. I remember skate night like it was yesterday. We were skating right next to eachother and then you grabbed my hand, and then i just had to fall. Then later that night, you started going out with kaycee. I tried so hard not to let it look like it hurt me. I cant help but think, if i didnt fall, would that have been me? the one you asked out? i guess we’ll never know. LEt me just tell you thats the one thing i regret.
    And a couple months later you start going out with Kristen. Why? Shes not right for you. But i cant really do anything. I cant make you like me.
    Do you know how hard it is to hear her talk about you? Everyday, i put on a fake smile, just so i let people think im okay. But honestly im not. I try to ignore you. Trust me, i do. But somehow i can never get you out of my head. Whenever you IM, text, message me first; i get butterflies. People ask me why i like you so much, and my answer is always: i dont know, i just cant help it.
    Truth is; i love everything about you. Your: smile, eyes, laugh, personality, your ability to make me laugh, to automatically put me in a good mood. I love our conversations, i love hearing your voice? I LOVE YOU. Im IN LOVE with you. If only i could tell you all this. I wish..
    Remember when we would hang out when we were little at our sisters softball games? and you had SUPER long hair? im one of the only people who can say theyve known you practically there whole life. remember at awards night, and our families sat next to eachother and we were to embaressed to talk to eachother, so we just texted? remember when we would walk to the park after school, just me and you, and just talk? remember how you would always hug me for no reason, whenever we saw eachother? do you remember? cuz i do, i remember perfectly<3
    Basically, i wish you knew how much you meant to me. I wish you would realize ive been here the whole time.
    People tell me i should move on, to ignore you, friends first, but you know i cant help myself. im in love with you. its gonnna take me a long time to get over you, if i do ever manage to move on.
    By the way, your smile is perfect. <333

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