• I hate the fact that….

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    Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

    I know you love me…so why did you just let me walk out of your life?

    I hate the fact that you were unable to express your emotions, but even more I hate that you made me feel crazy for feeling the emotions I had.

    I hate the fact that I was never your first call when you had free time to hang, but even more I hated the fact that you felt I should feel blessed to spend at least 10 minutes with you.

    I hate the fact that you were not willing to comprise on anything for me, even when it meant the world to me.

    I hate that on a regular basis you chose going for a run or swim with someone else over chilling with me (working out is just not my thing).

    I hate that after a 1+ year of dating you got me nothing, not even a card, for Valentines Day.

    But the thing I hate the most is the fact that I turned out to be the bad person because I had enough and got real dunk one night and cheated on.

    The thing no one realizes though is you stopped being you a long time ago and we hadn’t been the same since.

    I do not regret cheating on you because it finally gave me a much needed reason to break up with you because you convinced me the my other reasons were not “real.”

    The thing I hate the most is that after everything we had been through you did not come after me when we broke, but let me walk right out of your life. Even though I know you love me. Even though I love you and you know that.

    We could have been something great.

    I’m so tired of being the bad guy

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