• Dear Brother,

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    From stories I know, and life’s experience, I believe that our relationship should be much different. I should have known something was wrong from what you did to me as a child. What you made an innocent little girl do is, frankly, disgusting. I’ve never told anyone for the sake of keeping our family whole. I will never forget what you did, even if you do.

    You’re a manipulator. I can see it every day when you convince our parents of your perfection. I see it your professional life as well. You got a job on the other side of this planet, and i was elated. I cannot express the joy that I had learning you would be so far away. Then you backed down, and somehow pulled strings and got a job here. That almost hurt more than any ridicule I felt on your behalf.

    Though, I feel pain from on a daily basis, I know that I am the better person. I will stand behind your shadow, and excel. I will, one day, be exceedingly more important and successful than you. I can promise you this because bad people don’t get very far in this life. At some time you’ll fuck up, and I will surpass you. The hope for that is what gets me through the torment, and keeps the noose off my neck.

    Thank you for being so awful, so people like me can shine brighter than you one day.

    Your Younger Sister

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    1. Morgan
      July 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm

      I am sorry for what you went through. *hugs* You are right you will succeed and you are the better person. Good luck in your life, you certainly deserve it. Just remember you are the beautiful and strong one.

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