• You’ll never love me like you do her

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    Dear You,

    We’ve been friends for nearly two years. Best friends actually. We stay up until all hours of the morning just talking about everything, laughing and ranting, crying and smiling. One night while we watched TV, you confessed your feelings for me, while your girlfriend of five years lay in bed asleep in the other room. My heart pounded. My heart raced. Within seconds I smiled and told you I felt the same, then we spoke about not being able to show our emotions and keeping them hidden, I knew it was coming but it still hurt; you hugged me and kissed my cheek. The next few days we’d grin at each other and tease and flirt; we had a secret, but of course that was the extent of it all. I told you I wanted to be just friends not long after, because I knew you cared about her and I didn’t want to see it all crumble. You stayed distant for the next month, and slowly we began getting our friendship back, and now we’re back to the best friends we were…but I can’t help but feel I was wrong in telling you I wanted to be just friends. I lie awake at night wondering what would have happened, would I be with you? Would you lose interest and come to find out it was just a little crush and nothing more? I love you, I really do..and I’m so confused it hurts. I don’t mind being best friends with you…but I can’t help but wonder if you still feel anything towards me, just that would be enough to lay my busy mind to rest.



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