• To the Writers, and the Readers…

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    I ‘stumbledupon’ this site and instantly was hooked. Each post made me think of him, wonder more, analyze every detail over and over again… I loved thinking of him.

    But then I realized that reading all of these letters just made me more and more attached. It made me feel like a stupid, boy crazy teenage girl (for the record I am not boy crazy, nor am I a teenage girl). It made it impossible not to think of him, not to get over him.

    And then I realized something else- Why is it that almost all of these letters seem to be about ‘love?’ Why are all of you people so torn up about some guy or girl? If you care that much about them, tell them! Stop agonizing over some girl/guy if you aren’t going to man up and send the letter yourself. Because if you don’t care enough to do something about it then he/she is not worth the agony, the wondering, or the fantasy scenarios you make up in your head.

    I don’t care enough, so I don’t tell him. And I also don’t post letters about him on this site (unless you count this one…) I haven’t read a letter on this site in two weeks- and I already feel better. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t visit this site, because I think it is incredible and I admire so many of the posts and writers on it. But I hate that the majority of its letters are about love/lust/whatever.

    There are things that are more important to me than him. Things I care about way more. Like my dream of being in the Olympics, or my goals in life. Or what I plan on getting accomplished today. Maybe even just what I feel like doing at that particular moment. My passions.

    I care about me. And if someone should ever come along that will test that- I’ll be sure to tell him how I feel. And I can promise you that it won’t be on this site.

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