• to my sister

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    To my sister,

    remember when we were so close? we were inseparable. Everyone always called us “the package deal” because you couldn’t invite just one of us. We weren’t twins but we may as well have been. With 10 short months between us nobody could even tell us apart half the time. We went all through grade school so close, then we went to high school, I was devastated the first time you chose to hang out with your friends over me. I quickly got over it and we were best friends again. We both had a few boyfriends throughout high school and we never let them come between us. Then our senior year, I was dating John and you were dating Joe, and everything started to go down hill. After only a few weeks you were confident
    you were going to marry him that you constantly put him before me. That hurt more than anything..

    When we were about 16, we started seeing less and less of dad. He was never around and our brother and sister needed two parents. I made the decision to grow up so that you didn’t have to. And now, at 21 years old, I’m still staying home with two kids that aren’t my own, while you are out partying. It hurts me that you don’t care enough to help me out or let me go out with my friends one night instead of just leaving to go drinking right from work. My boyfriend’s break up with me because I don’t have enough time to see them more than once a week, My friends never even bother to invite me anywhere anymore because the answer is always “I can’t” I want more than anything for you to think of anyone but yourself for like 5 minutes.

    I know you lied to me about going to Virginia to see that guy, and I know you’re dating him and lying to me about it. I should be used to your lies by now, right? I don’t think you ever get used to such deep pains that come from a sister. Especially one that you used to be so close with.

    I really hope this is what you wanted all along, I hope your life is full and happy without me in it. I hope you remain happy forever. Me? I have an empty hole inside of me where my childhood should go, and anther hole where a boyfriend would go. I’ll never get either of those things, so it’s something I have to live with. I just hope that at least one of is happy.

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