• The Real Letter to the Other Woman

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    The email that you may have read before, that was the nice letter. I held back what I really wanted to say. Only because I knew it wasn’t constructive or anything you didn’t know or realize in the first place.

    First of all, you were the other woman, plain and simple. I know you didn’t know much about me because that meant that he had a wife. Well there was. How do you think the kids got there in the first place? We had been together for 10 years and married for a little over 5. When you started talking to him I was 5 months pregnant. When I needed him the most he was so distant and I couldn’t figure out why. Thanks for taking his time away from me.

    Do you really think he was going to leave his whole life behind for you? I don’t think you really get it. He would have lost his career, his parents, his kids, and his best friend. He had way to much to lose. I realize the internet may make you feel closer than you are but Peru is still a long ways a way. And I don’t think you understand what his job is like. There are times that he has to drop everything and take care of work stuff. I know he was making extra time for you. But that would have worn off and you’d be at home by yourself lonely. If he was still able to keep his job.

    I feel silly for feeling hurt over an internet relationship. On the one hand its all just words. Anyone can type anything and feel disconnected with it. Feelings got more real once there was video chat and pictures. The fact is that you are both real people and those were real feelings. He tells me that he just said I love you to hear the affectionate things you’d say. I saw all the words that he said to you. I’m not so sure I believe him on the one hand. But I know the whole time he still loved me and he knew I loved him. He says it felt good to hear the things you were saying.

    I hate you with everything I have inside me. He told you he was married with kids the first time you talked on that stupid game. Yet you went after him. Did you make up that whole exboyfriend story? He likes to help people with their problems and try to “fix” them. Did you figure that out and make up that whole story? Did you see him as a way to get your green card to the US? Did you think he was going to take care of you for the rest of your life? You were so selfish to wreck a marriage and a family just because he was “the nicest guy you’d ever talked to.” How nice can a cheater and a liar be? But I guess it takes one to know one.

    Most of all I hate you because you really hurt our kids the most. For the last 7 or 8 months my kids didn’t have their father present. When I was in the hospital with the baby, he wasn’t mentally present all because of you. Their father was distracted and finally now that you are out of the picture they are playing together and I can tell that they both feel loved by their Dad.

    I want you to know we are repairing our relationship. We are getting back to us. Now that you and that stupid game are gone I have my husband back. The one I fell in love with. I WON!!! Thats what you were afraid of right? I guess I was winning the whole time (if you could call it that) He was never going to leave me. He’s just VERY lucky that I stayed. You may have been the only other girl to hear I love you from him but I got the hugs and kisses everyday. The one thing that I still have is that thankfully I’m the only person he’s had sex with. If it was more than an internet thing I would have been done. This has been hard for me to deal with, the thought of physical cheating is more than I can handle.

    Oh and since this all came out, we’ve been having the best sex ever. Thank you for helping him communicate to me more.


    Oh one more thing…he used the “Just The Way You Are” song on me too. Its just a line that he thought girls would like to hear. You’ve ruined that song for me. I’m sure it worked on you too though.

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