• i’m tired of you, belly.

    by  • July 9, 2011 • Confusion • 0 Comments

    i’m tired of arguing, flipping out and apologizing for things i shouldn’t have to apologize for. I’m tired of putting up with your bullshit. i’m tired of getting jealous when i see you with other girls. i’m tired of telling myself constantly we’ll stop talking and seeing each other, when it has yet to happen. i’m tired of lying to my friends about us. i’m tired of seeing you talk to your ex-girlfriend even though we don’t even date anymore. i’m tired of how you persuade and manipulate me. i’m tired of how you tear me apart, make me feel like shit and then continue to say you love me. i’m tired of how you accuse me of not loving you when i am so in love with you that i would take a bullet for you, that i would do anything to save you. i just don’t want to BE with you. you don’t deserve me. you FUCKED up yet i still convince myself it’s okay to hang around with you. this is my second letter about you and i never thought we’d still be talking a year later. who am i? what am i doing? why have you made me a jealous bitch? thanks. thanks a lot. for nothing. for carrying out this break up for way too long. i know who i should be with. it’s finally coming clear. and that person is NOT you. enjoy your life. good luck. you’re the best thing that’s happened for myself, now it’s time to let you go.

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