• I Think I’m In Love With You.

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    I miss you.

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you moved away. I remember walking home from school with you, wearing the same black Converse as you, laughing along the way. I miss the times when we hugged really tightly while saying goodbye. I miss the way you were always there for me. I miss the way that you smiled at me, looking at just me. You’re my best friend. You’ll ALWAYS be my best friend, no matter where you are. You helped me grow into the person I am today. I remember that gift you got me on my birthday, the purple Hannah Montana blanket that your mom stayed up all night looking for. I didn’t even ask you to get me the blanket. But thank you for that. I still have it, 2 years later. I kept it because it reminds me of you. I kept it because it’s the only thing I have left from you. I remember that day you moved away… you hugged me really tightly when you stopped at your house. You didn’t say anything about moving away, I guess not to make me or anyone else sad. But when you didn’t show up at school… and then we realized you moved away… I lost you. It hurt. A lot. It hurt so much. And then eventually, I grew. And I forgot about the hurt a little. But then I saw you at the supermarket, just walking around. You got taller, and you were just a bit cuter than I remembered you. I remembered you smiled, and waved, but then walked away. I don’t know why I didn’t hug you, I guess it was because I was doing something on my phone. That was stupid. I should’ve ran up to you, and hugged you, the way we used to. I remember, that I used to have a massive crush on you. I remember, that one time in P.E., someone asked us if we were brother and sister. That made me laugh.

    I love you. and I always will. <3

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