• don’t be scared.

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    Hi gordo,

    I miss you, you know? It’s been hard this year without you. We’ve all passed through so many things apart, and it breaks me not to be there for you. You couldn’t imagine how much your happiness means to me, and how I love to see you smile even if it is from a far. But something so unexpected happened, you try opening up to me…you asked me out. I was 3 meters on top heaven in that moment, everything I have been waiting for a year, was there, right in front of me. But i couldn’t answer you, my signal was gone, and probably you think I left you waiting for a response because I didnt wanted. Truth is, of course I want to go out with you, and be with you, that’s all I’ve been dreaming of, to be with you again.

    I know it probably took you every once of courage you had to say that, because I know you’re scared of falling for me again, because of your friends; they be bragging bout liberty and non compromise .. but somehow you forget they’ve got their girlfriend already. Point is, i hope you read this, I hope you can see that I’m here, yes, scared, just like you, but that’s not stopping me from getting what I want, and that’s you. You don’t have to be scared, not anymore, so I really expect you ask me out again, because unfortunately, you are the one who needs to do that, to open up, so I know it’s not a game, or a temporary thing. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you, but please, don’t stop. Follow your heart and I assure you it will leave you to me, you know we’re meant to be. Please gordo…take the fall, jump and i will jump too.

    Loved you once, Love you still,

    Tu gorda.

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