• Dear Mr.Casanova

    by  • July 9, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments

    Sigh, where do I start man? I have liked you since I was 15, from the time I met you, so that’s been what 6? 7 years? Even when I was dating my now current ex, you were always at the back of my mind. Even after I read the letter you sent my friend, saying how you think i’m awesome but you couldn’t date me (Which, is understandable at the time I was 15, and you were 18.) I still never really did get rid of that crush.

    And then, when things were going downhill for me and the ex, and I needed a friend, you were there, we got really close. Then, Finally, after waiting all these years just wishing, wondering, and wanting a kiss from you, I got it. Granted, I was still with my ex at the time. Which you full well knew, We talked about it, you apologized right after wards, called yourself an idiot.

    Then on Easter, yeah, when my ex let me down once again, You were there, I couldn’t help it, I just said “I’m such a bitch” and kissed you. We did things in your car, on that old road, where all you would have to do was take one right turn, and would be at my ex’s place.

    Then, we decided to stop, but if I was ever single, we would continue. You admitted that you were going to hit on me once, but then I started dating my ex. So you gave up.

    Later on, we did break up, and when I was alone and crying at 3am, you came all the way across town to make sure I was okay. You stayed with me till sun up.

    A few months have passed since the breakup, and we are now friends with benefits. Which, I can’t complain really, I’ve wanted you since I was 15 remember? And I know I shouldn’t have any hope that we will ever become more than that, because I know how scared you are to get into a relationship. Yet, still, when we are in public with each other, you will put your arm around me, even when we saw my friends, you kept your arm around me, didn’t pull it away as if it was some big secret.

    And, some of the things you have told me, How you wished I was there when you were at that party, How, You like being with me “Whatever that means.” and how every time we are in a car together, alone, you hold my hand. And how we made love that one night (Don’t deny it, you and me both know it was the most sensual sex either of us has ever had, and that it was way more passionate than any of the other times we have ever just had sex.) You whispered in my ear “I really do like you.”

    I know we will probably never become more than just fuck buddies, but meanwhile, I guess I am happy with that. And, you are still my best friend, always will be, and I’m very glad for that. I’m glad you do think of me as more than just some girl to fuck. I am your best friend too (so you have said) and you are always there for me, just like I’m always there for you. I guess I just want to say, well, Thanks bud.

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