• Dear Justin

    by  • July 9, 2011 • Letting Go • 0 Comments

    dear justin

    you have this affect on people, everyone wants you. eveyone. i wanted you since i was twelve years old. and you new that, and you didn’t care. you tested me and tested me until i was at my limits. when i finally move on, what do you do? you want me. you say you’ve always wanted me. you lied to my fucking face. you were just mad that we couldn’t hook up, and you were jealous i wasn’t on call . so i went with the other guy, and i cried every time i was with him, shut my eyes tight enough when we kissed to convince myself it was you. i finally ended it knowing that all i ever wanted was waiting there with you, and you shut me own like i was never nothing to you. you say you don’t care, you’re a liar. you either don’t care at all or care way more than i know and i’m done trying to guess. i’ve never loved anyone before, that was until i met you and i’m beginning to think my head was just bored so it decided to play with my heart a little bit. it was never love. it was boredom gone wrong.

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