• Dear *****

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    Well, We met freshmen year. Who would have known that in four years so much would have happened between us. There are just some things that I want to tell you before we move on to college, and probably never see each other agian. It makes me sad, but for some odd reason I am happy, even thing you do causes pain in my life. I can’t count how many times you have broken me, made me cry, and make me think awful things about myself.

    I love you so much but I can’t stand you. How could you fall more for my sister when we were so into each other for a year before. We both knew it but never said anything. You don’t know what i would give to be able to go back in time and tell you how much I fell for you before her. You made me feel like i wasn’t worth anything. You picked her becuase she was prettier. Thanks for that. It happens all the time. I know. You still claim that even when dating her you started for fall for me again. Mutlitple times.

    All you do is cause pain. I’m tired of it.

    From *********

    Good luck with your life. I hope we keep in touch but i think you were right that one day in the closet. We would be better off not talking to each other.

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