• You say yes, but the guilt says no.

    by  • July 8, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Guilt • 0 Comments

    What am I supposed to do when you don’t like something I do no matter how hypocritical it is and how i’m free to do it but you don’t like me to just because i’m a girl. You’re my boyfriend and you say you trust me but you still don’t want me going out just because of the chance that other guys will hit on me. you say that I can and that it will just bug you but the guilt you’re putting on me says that I can’t. You don’t know what I will do while i’m out but I need you to trust me and know that everything will be okay, i’d much rather you send me off for the evening with a kiss and a smile rather than your bad attitude that will ruin everything. Know me, and know that every thing will be alright and that you’re the only one i want touching me. I need to go out.

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