• What happened?

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    My dearest boyfriend,

    What happened? You used to always want to talk to me and now I can hardly get your attention. Am I too needy? It’s true that I’d like to talk with you more often, but when you play video games constantly and joke around with your friends I feel so isolated. You tell me you love me every day, but love takes work not just words. We used to be able to sit up all night talking, but what happened? I understand your need for interaction with other people, I do, but would it hurt to give your lovesick girlfriend a little more attention? I’ve tried almost everything to get you to give me more attention and my heart is on the verge of breaking. I just wish you’d give me a sign that you want this just as badly as I do. I feel as though you are not telling me everything that is going on with you, something is weighing heavy on your heart and both of us are too scared to bring it up.

    You are my heart,
    lovesick girlfriend

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