• To myself, to forget life’s tiny displeasures

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    I am really annoyed about a few things. It might not seem like much, but if you were me, then you’d understand. First of all,

    I am really annoyed by you, creepy kid who follows me around. I’m not sure why you don’t get it that I do not want to talk to you EVER. Could I really be more rude to you??? Take a hint. You. Are. A. Creep. Stop asking me random questions.

    And you, boy who I was so exited to hear form the other night. I immediatley started making plans in my head about reuniting in friendship, or even more…Then you told me that you were drunk when you sent me that message, and you didn’t know what you were saying. We haven’t spoken for months. You suddenly decide to send me a random drunk message, and I am supposed to feel good about that??? (especially coming from someone who swore they would never drink) I’m thinking of not replying to you. I guess that answers my question of whether we were meant to be frineds or not.

    Speaking of FRIENDS, you, who I won’t be able to see for a while. We were supposed to hang out on my last day. You would think that such a good friend as you would offer to come up to see me while i’m here, and then send me off. It would not have been an issue. It is not really last minute because there is a solution. You are off on the weekends. You told me this. You would have come up anyway. So what is the problem? The problem is that you do not want to take time to drive the damb 20 minutes to see me, (LAME) but you WILL drive the 2 hours in August once I am home. Does this make sense? You always expect me to be ok when you cancel plans.

    These are just some of the little frustrations that I have as of now. I know that this doesn’t seem like the worst. But there is so much more going on in my world, which makes these little things even more annoying to handle. And it so easy to get frustrated. I am sure it will all pass. And I DO have a lot to be greatful for. I have to let these little things go, and try to deal with the big things. I shouldn’t let life’s downs block my road to happiness and clarity. All I can do is learn life.

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      October 17, 2011 at 8:51 pm

      im glad you have a positive attitude but please show that “creepy kid” some love. im not saying date him/her but be kind, nobody likes to be completely rejected (like others have done to you). people deserve friends. also im assuming the second person is your ex. he still has feelings for you but that doesn’t mean he’s right for you. and sometimes friends don’t realize how much they’re needed. people hurt each other all the time, it looks like the easiest thing at the time. keep holding on, i wish you the best

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