• Simply, thank you.

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    I am woman, hear me roar. I am strong, jaded and stubbornly independent. I don’t NEED anybody. I can do it on my own. I have walls up higher than even I can see over. I’ve been abused, manipulated, cheated on, and left. I have felt the hurt of loss, and it is horrible. My defense is to not let anybody in. Ever.

    But with you, it’s different. You look so deeply into my eyes when we’re talking that no matter what you say, I feel so important to you at that moment. You see my walls, my inability to trust as a challenge. You want to prove to me that those are silly, that I can trust. That people aren’t perfect, but they’re good. For once in my life, I feel safe in someone’s arms. I never fear that you’ll use your strength against me, only to hold me tight. Your smile is amazing. You make me want to smile, just because you are smiling, it’s infectious. Your words are never hurtful or spiteful or mean, they’re nice, they make me feel good. You’ve taught me not to allow anything else to be spoken to me. You aren’t perfect, but for once I kind of like your imperfections. I’m so used to looking for flaws and using them as a way out of relationships, but with you I don’t want out. I want in.

    This is so new, us. And it may not work out in the end, who really know?! But even if we never speak again (which we will, I’m positive), I thank you sincerely for showing me that I can be loved. People really can care. I have been so damaged for so long that I had lost sight of all the good. You brought me back to life. I can love. I can be loved. People can say nice things and mean them. People can tell the truth. You have given me something, a realization that I can’t even describe and for that I thank you. You have given me a smile, a genuine smile, for the first time in a long time and for that, I thank you.


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