• Please…Someone…Should I send this? Let me know.

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    Hello Love,

    I’m not sure on whether or not I should tell you about this.
    It seems so simple.
    I mean,

    When I first liked you, but I didn’t know if you liked me, I still showed you the poem I wrote about you and the drawing I accidentally made of us, and you liked them. A lot. but that was because you liked me too,
    I also showed you the poem I wrote after we broke up and even though I was obviously still very in Love with you and hurt, you still had a smile saying you’d help me no matter what.

    But now..
    You told me you didn’t like me anymore
    But you also admitted there would be feeling if we saw each other again so, Why, oh why, am I so nervous to tell you something from so long ago?
    You’ve embraced all of the things I did before so why am I afraid you won’t now?

    What am I so afraid about?
    You don’t mind that I love you still. But I’m still so afraid of what you’ll say.
    I’m afraid you’ll be indifferent about it.
    Or you’ll just be like, “ok”

    So…my question is, to readers on the site,
    Should I tell him?
    Well, you probably want to know what it is.
    I said this about him when we were dating, but, I don’t think he knew all of this:

    “But yes, this boy has changed my life.
    He saved me from the boys at school.
    By that I mean, he saved me from falling for a douche fag that goes to our school.
    He helps me in ways that he doesn’t even know he does.
    He makes me stronger when I’m on my own. Just because I know that if I do need someone, I have him.
    He makes me not care what anyone thinks.
    The thought of him relaxes me, puts me at ease.
    This boy was always there, waiting to catch me from the hole I’ve fallen into.
    Now that he has, he’s helped me back up and out.
    I have no idea what I’d even do without him.”

    If anyone out there is reading this, do you think I should tell him this?
    How I truly felt?
    I think he knows some of it, but not all.
    What am I to do?

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