• Papers melted in the maytag dryer.

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    If you ever decide to see if I’ve written on this site since we last talked about it, you’ll know this is for you from the title. That is our eighth grade song. The one you sang to me on the phone because I loved your voice, the one you sang to me at the fireworks when I was feeling sick to my stomach. The song we still listen to and belt out as loud as we can, with you changing the lyrics and me giving you a dirty look.

    We’ve been in love for five years now, hot stuff. (Oh, see what I did there? :D) I just want to tell you how much I really do love you.

    Last night, wrestling and chasing each other in the front yard while Greg was leaving.. it reminded me of summers previous, and years passed. I can’t help but smile to see we haven’t grown up a bit, yet we have matured so much at the same time. We’re growing up together, and that is the best part. We’re learning and seeing things together, and I wouldn’t want to do it by anyone else’s side.

    I need you in my life forever, and to know that it is true makes me the happiest girl alive.

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