• Joshua

    by  • July 8, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    Do you remember me my love? Do you think about me the way I think about you every night, every time I close my eyes, every shower I take, everytime I cry, every 11:11 wish I make? Do you know you’re one of the things i’ve been wishing for, one of the things i’ve been waiting for, for so very long? Do you know i’m tired, but i’m still going to keep fighting for you? Do you know that you make everything okay again, and you don’t even have to be there? Do you know you’re the one thing that makes me realize i’m helpless? Do you realize it’s your face that I picture when I think about my future? It’s you I see with in our apartment with the big windows. On that porch the first time I feel your lips on mine. Holding my hand through every single thing I do. Being there for me. Physically, mentally, there. Do you know exactly how irrevocably in love with you I am? Do you? Do you realize it drives me insane that I still haven’t felt you under my palms, or wrapped my arms around your shoulders, or held you, or hugged you, or kissed you, or heard your voice, or seen you, or talked to you recently, or heard your voice in far too long or stayed up all night with you chatting about nothing in particular and frivolous things? Do you know I can placate every scar on your chest? Do you know how irresistible you are to me? Do you know i’m waiting for you, and I will keep waiting for you? Do you know sometimes you make me miserable, but you are so completely worth it? Do you know any of this? Do you know i miss you? Do you know i’m broken? Do you know i’ll be okay as soon as I can reach out and stroke your face, and run my fingertips over your broad shoulders, i’ll be fine as soon and i can be enveloped in your arms, as soon as I can feel your body shielding mine, i’ll be fine, just as soon as I can pull you into falling for me and wanting to remain mine forever. Do you know I will try my hardest? Do you know I want to love each other infinitely? Do you know you stop me from making decisions i’ll regret? Do you know you’re on my mind, all the time? Do you know i’m so confused on how to get to you, but i’m so confident that we’ll be together at the end.

    I need you in my life. Please, hear me.

    I need you when all this is over. I need to start my life with you. I need to be yours.

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