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    Mmm…. I miss you…. A lot… I can barely dress myself in the morning cuz it’s like… No, I wore that to relay… No, I wore that to camp… No, that’s what I wore in the first picture I sent him… No, that’s what I was wearing to all-county… No… No… So I end up in a t-shirt most of the time. Fine with me lol. Today I rented a bass clarinet. I know you wanna get me one for my birthday, but buddy, those things are like $2000 so you have fun with that 🙂 Then I came home and went to the mall with people… Ate dinner… It was gross spaghetti… Then we all saw the movie Monte Carlo. It was cute… Felt kinda long though. Geez I wish life were that easy!!! Just be able to find love and make it work… And the only obstacles are the ones we make for ourselves. We have those, PLUS a billion other ones. Guess it’s just gonna show how much more talented we are when we overcome all of them 🙂 I’m honestly impressed in how far we’ve come. Remember the days I was too scared to actually talk to you?? Or when you wanted to hold my hand and I was too nervous?? And our first hug… When it took me the entire time you were hugging me to actually register what you were doing…? Awww good times. Now it’s more like… you have to tell me to shut up sometimes when I start rambling (but you never actually tell me to shut up, you just stare at me politely till i stop talking) And now holding hands is more of a casual thing… When we can’t do more… (; And hugging always requires a kiss at the end of it :)Remember at camp, when we were sitting next to eachother at lunch, and I got a roll and I decided I only wanted a little bit of it, so I started tearing it apart piece by piece and putting it on your plate… And you just looked at me smiling till I was done, and then you just laughed and kept eating… I love you. Cuz you accept me. And the REAL me, which is the one that pulls apart bread until she has only really a crumb left. And the one who I was at like 4 in the morning at Relay. I don’t remember it AT ALL, just that I probably made no sense whatsoever… But that’s okay cuz apparently you have good memories of it 🙂 Nitey nite now 🙂

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