• inside a gurls mind <33

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    okay everyone read this cuz u gurls kno its tru

    inside evry gurls mind we dream of the perfect guy or that dream of what you’d wish what he says i really dont get it cuz u kno its not gonna happen but we hope and wish it would right ?? but it never does happen though sometimes dreams can b better than real life i think that maybe some of u guys think that life is better cuz things that go wrong is the spice of life and whatever but i just want every thing to go exactly like a dream ….. i want to live in a fairy tale and in the end i’d have to say ‘happily ever after’ but it probaly won’t happen that way huh

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    1. Uncool
      July 13, 2011 at 6:38 pm

      Not to burst your bubble but we have all been influenced by society one way or another to believe in prince charming or madam rouge (I was thinking of something else but nothing came out lol) since the day we were born; look out how we are programmed to believe that such a person exists and that maybe, just maybe in the see of millions of people we will meet this person.

      However if there is anything to come out of this is that no one is perfect and that even if prince charming has all the credentials to be considered “perfect,” he’s only human. :/ Its the same of choosing someone who is both beautiful, smart, and all the other qualities that some men have (which varies from culture-to-culture). In essence no one is really like that though I am not saying we settle for some run of the mill girl/guy.

      We just have to keep in mind that no one is the picture perfect boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife. That beautiful girl you make be infatuated with may have self conscious issues or that handsome guy secretly acts like a prick because he’s a commitment phoebe.

      The one thing we can do is to know ourselves and know what we expect of the people we want to be close with. And to know that regardless of whatever standard you have for such a person, you have to take the good with the bad; and hopefully bring out the best in that person as well as yourself. @_@

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