• I don’t understand

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    The six months prior to graduation you told me how much you wanted to marry me. You asked me how I would respond if you asked right then and there to marry you. You told me that I should tell a friend what kind of ring I wanted, so that you would know what to look for when the time came. It’s been two months since graduation and your proposal has not come. This does not bother me. You just graduated, got a new job, and new place. Things are changing for you. This is something I would never want you to rush into or say until you were more than ready. In truth I was not expecting you to propose in the months following your graduation.

    I must admit though there is something about it that hurts and confuses me: you never talk about wanting to marry me anymore. Since you have graduated, there have been no more questions or stated desires to do so. I don’t know what to think about it. Has living with you for the first time made you rethink how you feel about me? Have you found me annoying or even worse, a bore? Was it something I said? Or are you just too busy and stressed about living in the real world that thoughts of proposing have been pushed to the side? Is there something other reason that I have overlooked? I over worry and I know this, but I can’t help to wonder what’s going on in your head and if I am the problem behind it all. I wish there was a hint or sign to point me in the right direction. For now though I suppose I must wait. I love you so much and am amazingly happy being with you, so I don’t mind. Some clarity would be such stress relief though.

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