• How Could You

    by  • July 8, 2011 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Dear you,

    Why? How could you? You tore me apart. i’m fighting a battle inside me over you. No, i dont want to date you. No, i don’t want anything more than you to be my best friend again… You were so desperate to get someone to love you. Someone that you could be with for the rest of your life, that you were so willing to give up your best friend in a heartbeat? I know this isn’t my fault, and I want to fix everything that’s gone wrong, but it’s not my place to fix it. It’s yours now.. I don’t see how you could do this to me? Your priorities turned from your best friend and family to your girlfriend in a matter of A WEEK!!! To be honest, i hope you two break up. then maybe you will see what you did to me. maybe you will understand how much you hurt me. maybe you will understand that what you did WAS wrong… I cry almost every day because of what happened between us, and you don’t care. How could you? How am I supposed to forget the person who held the most importance in my life, the person who i looked up to, the person who was always there for me, the person i could be with whenever i wanted to be around someone, the person who knew every little secret i had, the person who resembled a guy who CAN be stable in my life. You were the only guy who stayed in my life for so long and continually cared for me… every other male figure left. but now i have no hope in men. How can i believe that there is someone who can care for me? I dont believe it. I believe everyone will hurt me. How can i let someone new in with that perspective on life? all becasue of you. How could you.. i’m stripped of love. I have none and that’s all i seem to want. I won’t get it though. I don’t believe it will come. I’ll end up pushing everyone away before they can get close enough to hurt me. Thanks… That’s not how you treat your best friend… it might have been different if you put effort towards fixing what you did wrong, but you did nothing. no effort whatsoever. it all came from me. why? you were too wrapped up in the fact that you now had a girl toy to fuck, right? I hope you get hurt by her. I hope you don’t last. FUCK YOU!!!!!! :/

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