• Best Friend Uses…Confusion!

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    I have a crush on my best guy friend. Everyone I know (including him) knows. He’s never said that there will never be more than friendship in our relationship, and he treats me differently than our other mutual girl friends. For example, he took me out on a date for Valentine’s Day because I’ve never been asked out (I’m terribly shy sometimes). He also always tells me that I’m amazing, awesome, beautiful, the kindest person he knows, etc. The only other times I’ve seen him act this way is towards any girl he has romantic inclinations towards (by that, I mean taking out on dates and such).

    Our personalities fit perfectly because we both fill in where the other can’t (I’m more optimistic than him, while he helps me with my self-esteem). We also get each other’s sense of humor to a degree I only have with two other very close friends. When most people would laugh at what I say and change the topic, he’s played along and we’ve had hour long conversations about the strangest things. He cares a lot for me, that much I know, especially as his proclaimed best friend.

    I’ve been told by other people that he’s just not ready for a real relationship right now (we’d work as a long-term couple), because I would be more of a commitment than he’s looking for right now. Though it’s also said that his actions show he likes me in a more than friends way also.

    He just entered a relationship with a girl who “just popped up”, and I’m scared of losing him. He also tends to flirt in front of me with other girls, and I’ve been told guys enjoy reactions from people (and I react…). Is he trying to get attention from me this way? Should I be so afraid? Do I have a chance with him? I don’t know what to do, but it’s eating me up inside.

    I just wish he would feel the same way…

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